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20 Odd Inventions That Might Secretly Be Awesome

One man's junk is another man's brilliant invention. How many of these products are simply novelties and how many of them are actually useful?

1. Butter Stick Type

2. Motorized Ice Cream Cones

3. Training Wheel High Heels

4. Dine Ink Utensils

5. Glass Toaster

6. Wearcom Jeans

7. Portable Fish Tank

8. Light Bites Candle Holders

9. The Baby Mop

10. Apple Sweaters

11. Broom and Dustpan Slippers

12. Staircase Drawers

13. Lazy Sunday Sweatpants

14. Hamster Cage Shredder

15. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

16. Square Watermelons

17. The Dry Side Bench

18. Slurp Guard

19. Soda Can Handle

20. Two-Way Toothpaste