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20 Odd Inventions That Might Secretly Be Awesome

One man's junk is another man's brilliant invention. How many of these products are simply novelties and how many of them are actually useful?

1. Butter Stick Type / Via

Essentially, butter in a glue stick tube. Easy application, or totally pointless?

2. Motorized Ice Cream Cones / Via

The battery-powered, plastic cone contains a small dish that rotates your melting scoop for you. Prevents dripping and cone turning, or totally pointless?

3. Training Wheel High Heels / Via

Helps you keep your balance, or totally pointless?

4. Dine Ink Utensils


Ballpoint pens with fork, knife, and spoon caps. Handy for a snack, or totally pointless?

5. Glass Toaster / Via

This allows you to watch your bread while it's toasting. Tired of burned toast, or totally pointless?

6. Wearcom Jeans


These jeans have a special transparent pocket for your iPhone. Convenient way of checking your texts, or totally pointless?

7. Portable Fish Tank / Via

Makes your goldfish happy, or totally pointless?

8. Light Bites Candle Holders / Via

Because why should you have to buy candles and forks separately? Party time saver, or totally pointless?

9. The Baby Mop / Via

A onesie with a mop attached. Do crawling babies speed up cleaning, or is this totally pointless?

10. Apple Sweaters / Via

Pack your lunchtime apple in a sweater to prevent bruising. Adorably protective, or totally useless?

11. Broom and Dustpan Slippers / Via

You'll never have to bend over again. Prevents achy backs, or totally pointless?

12. Staircase Drawers / Via

Is it a staircase? Nope! Well, yes. But it's also a set of drawers. Space saver, or totally pointless?

13. Lazy Sunday Sweatpants


These sweatpants have mini-tablecloths velcroed to the thighs for lazy lap eating. Reduces your laundry load, or totally pointless?

14. Hamster Cage Shredder


Skip a step and shred documents directly into your hamster cage. Useful, or totally pointless?

15. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags / Via

Plastic bags with fake mold graphics keep sticky fingers off your sandwiches. Clever trick, or totally pointless?

16. Square Watermelons / Via

Prevents watermelon from rolling where you don't want it to roll, or totally pointless?

17. The Dry Side Bench


Bench is wet? No problem, just turn the crank to get to the dry side. Useful, or totally pointless?

18. Slurp Guard / Via

Keeps broth out of your hair, or totally pointless?

19. Soda Can Handle / Via

Prevents cold hands, or totally pointless?

20. Two-Way Toothpaste


Boon to toothbrushers everywhere, or totally pointless?

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