20 More Spectacularly Nerdy Science Jokes

Resistance is not futile. It’s voltage divided by current. Check out the first installment of nerdy science jokes here.

1. Bad pick up lines for geologists.


2. The difference between a virus and a retrovirus:

3. Gregor Mendel approves this pun:

4. There’s use crying over spilled molecules.

5. Biology vandalism.

6. Hey, at least he learned something.

7. Dating with Amedeo Avogadro:

Download the flyer here.

9. When Schrödinger covers Carly Rae Jepsen:

10. Relationships are hard when you’re insoluble.


12. Some jokes are all about the timing.

13. Electricity is a non-violent movement, you see.

14. While we’re making electricity jokes…

15. The rest of you are missing the context.

16. There are 3 types of people: optimists, pessimists, and scientists.

17. Astronomy is sweet stuff.

18. Nucleobase romance.

19. “Oh, the… [insert picture here]!”

20. To close, here’s how you make meth:

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