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    20 Creative Costume Ideas For People In Wheelchairs

    I'll bet these guys came home with buckets of candy.

    1. Ice cream truck driver

    2. Darth Vader in a Tie Fighter

    3. Pee Wee Herman

    4. The Flintstones

    5. Viking Ship

    6. Mario Kart

    7. Bee Hive

    8. A rabbit coming out of a hat

    9. Wall-E

    10. Race car driver

    11. Medieval horse and rider

    12. Bulldozer

    13. DJ

    14. Batman riding the Batmobile

    15. Chef

    16. Snoopy

    17. Box of kittens

    18. Hockey Goalie

    19. Firetruck

    20. World of Warcraft shaman riding a turtle mount

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    The turtle in action. It moves.

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