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    15 Wacky U.S. Town Names

    If you live in any of these places, be sure to send me a postcard. If you live in Cookietown, OK, maybe send me some cookies too.

    1. Cookietown, Oklahoma

    2. Bumpass, Virginia

    3. Toad Suck, Arkansas

    4. Santa Claus, Georgia

    5. Whynot, Mississippi

    6. Cheesequake, New Jersey

    7. Peculiar, Missouri

    8. Accident, Maryland

    9. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

    10. Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania

    11. Jot-Em-Down, Texas

    12. Hopeulikit, Georgia

    13. Humptulips, Washington

    14. Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky

    15. Mormon Bar, California

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