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    • babydoll13

      Yeah, nerf is right. My mom is a really attractive curvier woman, but she had a serious injury and looked like any other person who could easily walk around and do things. However, that wasn’t the case. I also look pretty good but we have both been in wheelchairs at different times for different genetic reasons/an accident. We went to Disney once and had to use the service and I’ve seen people like you who scoff and assume that just because somebody doesn’t look disabled enough, they aren’t worthy. Not cool.

    • babydoll13

      My mom was seriously injured once and her injury was doing ok. She still suffers from it today. To make a long story short, we planned a trip to Disney when she was feeling ok but she ended up needing the chair and I had to push it all around - it was no picnic, and it was really sad that she couldn’t do some of her favorite things. People did their best to make it the best vacation for us, and the staff was generally amazing and helpful. “Cutting the lines” so to speak still felt weird to me and I remember remarking that it was nice that they had options for other disabled people though. I can’t imagine any sick asshole who would want to take advantage of the disabled system on purpose. Try sitting in a chair when you need to be in one, it’s not so fun.

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