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    • BabyB

      I’ve used menstrual cups for 10+ years.
      I’d never even consider going back to tampons or pads. My flow is so heavy I’d leak through the most absorbent tampons and pads within 15 minutes, whereas with cups as they hold more and have light suction there’s less of a problem, plus I don’t have to worry about waking-up covered in blood after sleeping in just a pad - many women also report cramps and flow are reduced with cups too. With tampons and pads I had constant vaginal infections, but not a singe infection since using cups. After having been either homeless or unemployed at some point over the past ten years menstrual cups being so cheap has been a huge benefit.  Since first switching I’ve also gone into women’s health care, as well as taken an interest in environmentalism, I now understand exactly how harmful tampons can be to vaginal health and the full range of risks; TSS, vaginal infections, and dioxin exposure. Cups are far safer.

    • BabyB

      “Tampons offer just eight hours before TSS becomes a possibility” WRONG! It’s a myth that TSS occurs from leaving tampons too long, most tampon-associated TSS cases occur within the first few hours of use - if susceptible the bacterial toxins don’t sit round in your vagina waiting until that 8 hour mark to go into your bloodstream causing hell.  It’s recommended tampons are changed every 4-6 hours to remain hygienic and reduce risks of TSS and vaginal infections - plus if you can go over 4-6 hours without changing you’re using too high an absorbency so higher TSS risks. Tampon companies say 8 hours as this is the maximum time allowed within regulations introduced in the 1980’s, despite evidence showing this is too long they continue to say this to make their products seem more convenient. One reason why TSS has been on the increase.  So…actually cups are more convenient again; 12 hours with any flow and at any time, even before your period and overnight. Cups = win.

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