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5 Instagram Beauty Trends You Need To Know

Instagram has become a haven for beauty bloggers and followers looking to study the latest trends in makeup. Let's take a look at some of the most popular products today.

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1. Palettes on Palettes

Karity / Via

You don't have to shop at a major beauty retailer to find some of the highest pigment palettes on the market these days. Karity showcases their stunningly vibrant

eye shadow palettes exclusively online using social media.

Palettes give makeup fans the ability to mix and match, creating dynamic eye shadow blends that are sure to get plenty of likes.

2. Matte Lips

Beautezine / Via

Remember when lip gloss was a thing? These days, Instagram has made bold, matte lips the trends for 2016.

With so many online brands dominating the lipstick scene, matte lips in every color under the sun can be found while scrolling through your feed.

3. Brushes That Impress

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Long gone are the days where makeup brushes were flimsy, or eye shadow applicators were made of foam. Brushes these days are their own industry and there are plenty of new applicators on the market like flat contouring bristles and fan brushes that make highlighting easy.

Brands like Karity started sharing their revolutionary patented brushes on Instagram and the rest was history. Brushes are now the most important tool in any artist's bag.

4. Glow for Days

LauraMercier / Via

Highlighter, when applied correctly, can make anyone shine. No Instagram makeup tutorial is complete without a dash of highlighter to really make the face pop.

Instagram took the highlighter trend one step further this year when they introduced rainbow highlighter (glow like the colors of the rainbow) and thermal highlighter (blue and gold hues to show your thermal temperature).

5. The Return of the Eyelash

Eyelashes can make any look instantly pop, and Instagram is taking notice. Beauty fans are sharing the different types of eyelashes through social media and creating dynamic eye creations that are different with every lash applied. Plenty of beauty bloggers are paying attention, and some have even created their own lash lines that are generating plenty of buzz on Instagram.

Whether you're a certified beauty blogger or just a fan, Instagram can give you plenty of inspiration for your next stunning look. The next big idea is just around the corner, so make sure you're following some great accounts to get tips, tricks and trends to update your beauty routine as we move into Fall.

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