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    • babat

      I don’t agree with some comments right now. I have a sister that was born in this era and I’m scrolling down thinking TOO FUCKIN RIGHT! Based on the fact that’s she’s virtually all about every single thing on this list. Like what the fuck do I care about heely’s? She was obsessed at some point. HSM? I’ll pass. Hannah Montana double pass, JB? Just no.

      .. You catch my drift. Look I was born in ‘94 and saying that ‘oh 80’s and 90’s kids identify with this shit too, hence OP’s logic is flawed’ just doesn’t click with me. Though I can identify everything on this list as much as the next person, I CANNOT stand half the stuff on here, they make my skin crawl sometimes, that’s probably why right now although I love her, my sis is the most annoying being I have laid eyes on. Maybe if I was born the same time, I would see things differently and 10/20 years down the line, be nostalgic about these things. But it will never happen, 90’s kid for life!

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