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    Top 5 Cool Startups From Austin Texas To Watch Out For In 2020

    Since there are hundreds of new startups launching every day within the great state of Texas, the real question is how can you filter out the best startups that will flourish in 2020? We have decided to save you the trouble. Check out the list of the most promising new startups in the last year that have made it strong in 2020 based on the kind of work they are doing and what they stand for:

    1. Bit Of Meraki / Via

    What They Do: Bit of Meraki is the melange of contemporary, bohemian, and chic designs in home decor products. Their products are handmade with natural materials and are ethically sourced from around the globe.


    2. Raeka Beauty

    What They Do: Raeka Beauty is on a mission to bring Ayurvedic ingredients from ancient India through innovative modern methods. Their products are FREE from parabens, synthetic fragrances, and sulfates.


    3. Purse & Clutch / Via

    What They Do: They provide thoughtfully designed & ethically made handbags to help end the cycle of poverty. Every purchase contributes to its mission of supporting long-term employment for men & women.


    4. Moesel / Via

    What They Do: Moesel products are designed in Austin, Texas and made by small manufacturers of trained artisans and women's collectives in Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico. The design process highlights hand-crafted artistry and the production supports employment for the artists and manufacturing teams.


    5. Authentico Goods / Via

    What They Do: Authentico Goods was created for the honest and simple reason. Highlighting a maker's craft and sharing it with the world is what Authentico stands for. Also, love of textiles and design.


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