Baal Habos
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    • Baal Habos

      Forgetting for a moment the truthiness (veracity) of the orthodox claims or Torah SheBaal Peh, the problem with the post is that yes it is possible to be Orthodox as described by Jew in the City. But what she doesn’t mention is that that the numbers of that breed of Modern Orthodoxy is a small subset of what is defacto Orthodoxy. And a diminishing one at that. As the children of Baalei Tshuva and the Modern Orthodox get more entrenched in the community, there is a slow but stead shift towards more austere forms of Judaism, especially after that post highschool year in Israel where dreams of normalcy and career are put on hold and replaced by religious fervor. I dare say that the grandchildren of Jew in the City will consider her brand of orthodoxy as a watered down version. So maybe from her perspective those 13 items are just caricatures. But most of those are the unfortunate plight of millions of the Orthodox. Yes, you may find happiness in Modern Othodoxy, but don’t expect your children to follow suit in this transitional form of OJ.

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