I take photos as a hobby/Paranormal/ spiritualism is my thing2.....Playing piano/organ anything really. Love mostly all music, when words fail Music Speaks! Love to nestle in w/a good book until I get HeavyEyed drowsy with the anticipating of the ...
    • K.stopit

      THIS IS EXACTLY WHY THE COUNTRY SHOULD BEEN SHUT DOWN LONG AGO! These retards are thousands of years behind & we do not have time for those Neanderthals morons to catch up! If anyone’s going to attack a female they are the same COWARDS WHO would DO IT ANYWAYS! Lowlife idiots talk this way…most aren’t from here & that’s how they think anyway! They raped women in the middle east w/much cover so it doesn’t make a difference what one wears it’s what one choices are & how fucked up their turbaned heads are!  HYPOCRITES & LAIRS & YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU GIVE 3FOLDS BACK W/A PROMISED GUARANTEE! GO FUCK YEE SELF!

    • K.stopit

      #I must post my thoughts; beware of this unintentional novel. Me being caught up in the moment of these aweSOME images of US. This will take only few moments of your life & add virtue in light of this devastation, you know you spend more time on useless things you could of lived w/out right? haha’ It takes much for me to cry, stillIhold back tears, butIhave not felt this proud or humbled by my American Brothers & Sisters for quite some time! Simple WoW! It felt as if American values, the random act of kindness & patriotisms was slowly dissolving now that we have been contaminated with poison in leadership and odious interferences of evil injustice. This has totally restored my faith asIdistend in humility.
      We/I have been so dam depressed since the intrusion of that fraudulent lair infested our house, we are ‘Left’ w/outatrusted leader, even the mistakes our past leaders nay have made, they protected our Country in dire times! Their mistakes were our learning tools, we grew from them, so it was notafail! If we allowed the repeated mistakes to accrue, we will indeed become failures! Now in these times of ominous sustain, his false embracing Un-American activity’s proves even more accurate now, on the warfare declared on innocent Americans! O’barry beingaTV Star/celebrity; plus chatting all things other then_ ‘Americans/America’ (Amer’Iran) w/all concerns towards others in this ‘world world world’ (these words he repeats always) why have we not seen nor heard from him on our citizens being massacred as living targets by the ppl he embraces? YES! He, O’barry embraces (yeah, he said that) the enemy & thier 8000 yr old OUTDATED text acting on only words of their uncivilized NEANDERTHAL nature, inafreethinking Country & world!
      We as civilize enlightened, evolved beings can only wonder how they made it this far…yes they had/have so many of their own ppl destroyed, devastated in put in ruins, they did this to all beings they get near! They have been doing this for so long, they are now; as the wise knew they would, bring their foul garbage ways to continue to savagely annihilate our innocent children & citizens! No one entity of any group acts alone ever! It takesawhole village, as we all know from growth & history. How insulting to our intelligence to believe those who say these ppl acted entirely on their own! Believe this, they already have their lies in disorder!  They said we Americans are stupid; we just never had to use words like jihad, mosque, ‘forbidding’ i.e. (2000’s yr old word/s) but my ole my do we catch on fast, even as we use to we live peacefully until they came here to spread worthless useless trash that littered our Country now. The evil force they blindly serve, has never served them well in the last millennium, so how is it they think this serves their empty false impious beliefs now? Makes them feel powerful as the cowards take to safety after laying their bombs/weapons next toachild, if that is their impious religion then it is of another source that God/Creator sent to hell from the beginning! If one cannot sift through these facts from experience, then their faith & humanity will continue to be distorted w/out positive order in their lives & all the lives they have plagued…Facts of Truths be Told. Now who’s stupid? Same people same results! It all equals up to the habitual morons of evil epoch!  If no peace in the thoughts of ones acts,
      you may want to revisit the facts.
      You demolish harmony and light,
      that has shroud the blackened night…
      It will darken even the brightest day
      as you allow the hate to blind your way.
      Who does not know this?
      lest blinded repugnant and dim..
      The dumbest of all…whilst failure collapses thier win.  Hope you enjoyed my poem. Forgive me if this post seems sprinkled with crisscrossed idioms, reach for the arc of the connotation,. There are always rhymes & reasons in all truths we express use what is important & significant to you. It is my mixed emotions when feeling in the ways we feel in horrific assaults on our people, esp. when there is no sound reasons for these vindictive, malicious and senseless attacks…too much pain.. too long for being posted inasmall frame of space & time. Watch ur back & each other.  Thx4reading My friends.

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