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8 Types Of People On Social Media After A Terror Attack

We all have these types of people on our timelines!

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1. The Out and Out Racist


Normally an individual renowned for 'Saying It As It Is'. They can usually found posting obscene racist status updates declaring their hatred for all cultures different to theirs. Commonly known as an Internet Warrior.

3. The Politically Correct One


Usually found possessing more than one braincell. Eager to challenge racists with a logical debate. Has no issue going back and forth with somebody less intelligent than them to prove their point...even if it takes 4 days.

5. The Video Speech Guy


This person can contain elements of either Numbers 1,2,3 or 4 (OR EVEN ALL COMBINED). Can usually be found ranting in an inconclusive and factually inaccurate 15 minute video being shared virally on Facebook in an attempt to open people's 'third eye'.

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