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Top Tips For Being Single On Valentine’s Day

So in order to get through this “holiday”, here are some top tips for being single on Valentine’s Day.

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1. Alcohol

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As much as alcohol isn't the answer to everything, on this occasion I'd say that a few drinks (or ten) may help!

Stock the fridge with your favourite wine and sit down and enjoy! Maybe even put on a movie or watch a few episodes of a new series on Netflix.

2. Hang out with Fellow single friends

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Now when I say hang out with friends I don't mean Monica, Rachel and Phoebe sitting around miserable in wedding dresses! Why not get together with your single friends and embrace the single life and cook a nice meal or order pizza.

Or I suppose you could always dance around to Single Ladies!

3. Tinder

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Now although the thought of Tinder and judging someone purely by appearance can be shallow and superficial but let's be honest, if you get a match, it is a nice ego boost!

So what better way than to spend your Valentines swiping and chatting to fellow singles, you never know, you may find the "one" and next year you wont be single on valentines!

4. Do NOT drunk dial your ex!

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Now after all of the wine you could be tempted to drunk dial. However waking up with next day with a raging hangover is bad enough never mind the shame and regret of drunk dialing

Thanks for reading my top tips for being single on Valentine's Day!

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