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    25 Childhood Toys From The '90s And '00s That Will Take You Down Memory Lane

    RIP Toys-R-Us, you were the true MVP of my childhood.

    1. Tamagotchi

    Close up of a girl holding two Tamagotchis
    Picture Alliance / picture alliance via Getty Image

    This was the first ever little screen we were addicted to and truly the elite of children's toys. Feeding these guys was our number one priority until the battery died or we enviably lost it. RIP.

    2. Razor Scooter

    Five different coloured razor scooters laying side by side on concrete
    Razor / Via

    There was nothing quite like flying down a hill on one of these, with no helmet or safety gear in sight — just you, the wind and your limitless dreams. Also, still haven't felt a pain worse than taking one of these to an ankle while trying to do a trick.

    3. My Password Journal

    A Password Journal 2 placed on a wooden desk
    Amazon / Via

    My sister learnt to mimic my voice and got into my diary, only to read several entries about how I thought she was the jokes on her. But otherwise, a foolproof protective diary for the ages.

    4. BeyBlade

    Five different collectable Beyblades of varying sizes
    @DeviantArt / Pintrest / Via

    If you ever saw a group of people huddled on the ground at primary school, chances are, Beyblades were involved. The sight of them spinning further than expected caused uproars like no other.

    5. Furby

    A single Furby sitting on a table
    Picture Alliance / picture alliance via Getty Image

    Why did we love these evil looking weirdos? Who's to say? But they were kind of cute, collectable and, for some reason, all the rage.

    6. Super Soaker

    A super soaker XP1000 with a water storage section on top and a gun below
    Nerf Australia Official / Via

    The true staple of Australian summer — getting shot with water at high speed in the face with a Super Soaker. For those of us who grew up without a pool, this was a must-have for any summer party.

    7. Polly Pocket

    A heart shaped Polly Pocket with a bedroom and living room in the top compartment and a garden in the bottom
    @daphnescorner / Imgur / Via

    Look, maybe we always managed to lose all the parts to our Polly Pocket sets and maybe they could have given us an extra Polly or two to save some tears, but these were still a must have.

    8. An art case

    A Crayola Art Set featuring markers, pencils and crayons / Via

    Whoever got this over the summer holidays was royalty for the first week back at school. Textas would eventually dry out, crayons broke and pencils disappeared — but not before some serious Picasso level masterpieces were made.

    9. Game Boy

    A vintage Nintendo Game Boy sitting upright on a table

    Kids these days will never understand the old "blow into the cartridge" solution and that makes me sad for them. They will also never understand the limited games we had available in Australia and how we just had to deal with it.

    10. Sea-Monkeys

    A Sea-Monkeys bowl filled with little Sea-Monkey fish, next to the bowl there are three sachets numbered 1 for water purifier, 2 for instant live egg and 3 for growth food, along with a spoon for mixing
    Sea-Monkeys / Via

    I still don't get how these work and at this stage it's too late to ask. They were an absolute "get" in the golden primary school era and while they never grew into what the pictures promised, we loved them anyway.

    11. Marbles

    Tens of marbles spilling out of a tin can that says "classic glass marbles" on it
    Amazon / Via

    How we all survived swallowing marbles is beyond me. As an adult, I still understand the urge. So smooth and shiny. Also, just a really fun toy to play with.

    12. Eye-Lock Room Guard

    An oval shaped device with an eye piece, with the correct code the front half of the oval opens and folds down revealing the door handle
    Snapdeal / Via

    Did this ad make me beg my parents for an Eye-Lock for months and months? Yes. Did my dad have to break off the Eye-Lock when I forgot the code, leaving my door mangled? Also yes.

    13. Elastic rainbow game

    An elastic rainbow game string set coming out of its packaging
    Daju / Via

    Sing it with me "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, inside, in". This was the upgraded skipping rope we didn't know we needed. Such a simple toy could provide hours of fun, until somebody eventually got tangled up and broke it.

    14. Yugioh Duel Disk

    A device with a long section to hold up to five cards with a circular piece on the end that you can attach to your arm
    Ebay / Via

    Somebody out there really found a way to make card games seem way cooler and boy oh boy did they succeed. This was the primo toy for both Yu-gi-oh and cool-looking toy fans.

    15. Baby Born

    Baby Born doll with a pacifier wearing a onesie, with a potty, pacifier, food bowl and toys surrounding it
    Ebay / Via

    You could feed it, clothe it and listen to it cry. Apparently it pooped, but I cannot attest to that, my own one only did weird little wees. What a strange toy tbh.

    16. Pokémon cards

    Six Pokémon cards showing Alakazam, Blastoise, Charizard, Gyarados, Mewtwo and Raichu
    Ebay / Via

    Look, no wonder the Pokémon Go craze of 2016 got us all so good, we just wanted to revisit our childhood! To this day I know nothing about Pokémon, but I still collected these like my life depended on it.

    17. Grip Ball

    Two Grip Ball pads with a Grip Ball stuck to one
    Wahu / Via

    Ever had one of these thrown at your head because you are just so bad at it? Haha, me neither. The sound of the ball being peeled off the board was (and is) pure pleasure. Plus, I wasn't even that bad. Bring back Grip Ball.

    18. Scoobie bracelets

    14 different scoobie bracelets hanging from a string against a brick wall, varying in colour and length
    @anushaajoshi / Pinterest / Via

    "Can you start one for me?" — everyone to that one girl at school who just knew how to get one of these going. Scoobies were a make or break item of friendships on the playground. We all probably lost circulation in our arm at one point from wearing too many.

    19. Beach cricket set

    Beach cricket set with two bats, two stumps, a ball and a carry bag
    Wahu / Via

    Upgrading from playing with the esky or bin, to playing with one of these bad boys was phenomenal. If you owned one of these you probably play for Australia now.

    20. Singstar

    Singstar Pop cover featuring one male and two female cartoons singing into microphones
    Ebay / Via

    Sleepovers at the friend's house who had Singstar were the talk of the town. It ensured that we would never forget the words to many, many classic hits. To this day, I cannot hear certain songs without yelling "we had this on Singstar" immediately.

    21. Hot Wheels

    A display set up of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks, with trucks lined up against a toy cliff face, and a race track at the bottom, with my trucks surrounding it
    Carlo Allegri / Reuters

    No matter what track you had, Hot Wheels was always awesome. Watching a metal car be catapulted through the air by a plastic track, that was surely going to break in mere weeks, was the pinnacle of childhood.

    22. Care Bears

    A vintage Happy Meal box featuring a photo of four collectable Care Bears
    Ebay / Via

    Never did I ask for a Happy Meal more than the time Macca's did the Care Bears promo and I just had to get all of them. They were just the sweetest collectable out there — so soft, so caring.

    23. Saddle Club toys

    A Lisa and Prancer gift set, featuring a small Lisa doll and a small Prancer doll
    Crazy Sales / Via

    There is an infinite list of kinda creepy looking Saddle Club toys you may have owned as a child. Be it the weird plush horses, or the demon faced dolls — having them was just...important. I still have my Comanche plush horse because I cannot let go of being a primary school horse girl.

    24. Footy Tazos

    Gumtree / Via, Ebay / Via

    Whether you were a die hard AFL fan, or just wanted to catch the elusive Benji Marshall — Tazo Footy Cards were a big deal. So much so that my primary school banned them because too many fights were starting over the trades.

    25. And finally, Cabbage Patch dolls

    Cabbage Patch Doll still in their box with their hands outstretched
    Toymate / Via

    The ultimate collectable. They came in so many outfits, styles and all their faces were as slightly creepy as the next. These are probably somewhere in a garage right now, doomed to be possessed by the local demon.

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