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Flight Cancelled? Try These 5 Pro Tips To Get The Next Plane Out

Maybe it’s a bad storm or a problematic plane; all you know is that your flight is delayed and may be canceled. The next flight out will probably have only a few empty seats. How do you position yourself so you’re first in line to snag one? Here are 5 pro tips to get the next plane out when your flight canceled. Try one, try them all.

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1. Show Up on Time for Your Flight

You may get a message from the airline that a mechanical issue has delayed your flight by an hour. The logical thing to do would be to time your airport arrival for one hour later than normal – but don’t do that! If the repair job takes less time than expected, the plane may not wait the full hour. It could take off as soon as possible and those who aren't in the gate area when those repairs are completed will be out of luck. Exception: An airline sends you a message about bad weather delays; you look out the window at impassible streets amidst a raging blizzard. That’s a message you can believe.

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