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    • AZBuffaloJoe

      I was just in southern Utah last weekend. Absolutely gorgeous (spent the night in St. George, went to Zion Ntl Park in the AM), but sweet Moses, talk about a lack of nightlife. It was a Saturday night, there were no clubs in St. George, only one bar (appropriately called the One And Only). I got there at 9:15 PM or so, and there were 5 dudes, no women, they were playing old Jennifer Lopez (did I get stuck in a time warp and not know it?!?), and were looking to charge a cover. Bwahaha! Not to mention that 3.2 piss they call beer… Thankfully I had gotten a 6er in AZ and happily retreated to my hotel room to drink some real beer and watch TV. ROCKIN AND ROLLIN IN ST. GEORGE, HELLZ YEAH!!!

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