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Why Legend Of The Seeker Was An Awesome Show

Legend of the Seeker was a fantasy show that aired for only 2 seasons (2008-2010), to the bitter disappointment of its fans. Here's why we miss it. (Also, if anyone who's never heard of LOTS happens to stumble across this and thinks it sounds cool, I think all the episodes are on YouTube and Netflix.)

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The story

It's an awesome story. The skeleton of it has been fleshed out many times - how many stories do you know about a boy/young man who thinks he's ordinary until something happens or someone shows up and suddenly he has to save the world? Probably a lot. - but Legend of the Seeker makes it work. There's a prophecy about Richard Cypher, and he owns it.

There's magic. Flashy magic.

Wizards that can shoot fire out of their fingers? Women in red robes - Sisters of the Dark - who throw star-shaped knives that can kill you instantly even if it’s a mere flesh wound? Women who can enslave you with a touch? Runes that open doors and stones and veils?...sign me up!


Kahlan is magical and complex and sworn to protect the Seeker - our main protagonist, Richard - and just a badass. She’s a Confessor - part of an order of women sworn to ascertain the truth. She can also bind people to her will, which comes in pretty handy when enemies are about.

Richard and Kahlan

Come on, what’s a flashy, visually-striking, full-of-ass-kicking fantasy series without a good love story? And Richard and Kahlan bring it. Starcrossed by nature (Kahlan would strip Richard’s free will from him if they ever had sex), they still manage to fall in love and nurture a relationship so wholesome it almost defies the laws of life.


Okay, so some people might look at this as a bad thing, but while there is a lot of violence in Legend of the Seeker, it’s not over the top and it’s not even super bloody. There’s a lot of ass-kicking and sword-waving and dagger-throwing and kicking, but personally, I enjoy a bit of all of that.

It's sex-positive and sexy

Everyone in this show is super confident and comfortable with their body. All kinds of loving going on here - deep, drawn-out, take-it-slow relationships, casual one-night-stands...and yet it’s not all about sex. I promise.

Darken Rahl

As you may have guessed from the name - or you just know - this is the baddy of the show. Here’s our villain - conniving, competent, scheming. Darken Rahl is pretty driven and ruthless, but he’s not the mwa-ha-ha, evil for the sake of evil sort. His anguished screams after being foiled actually sound anguished and when he rationalizes hunting down our protagonists, there’s actually a couple moments where you find yourself going, “Hm, yeah, that kind of makes sense.” Also he has an English accent.

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