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    Meet Ryn Weaver, The Mysterious Twentysomething Behind This Summer's Best Song

    The internet is going crazy over her insanely catchy song "OctaHate," but where did she come from?

    She put up her song "OctaHate" last week, and it wasn't long before other artists were tweeting about their obsession with the bouncy, life-giving track.

    The song was created with an all-star team of Charli XCX, Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos, and producers Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco.

    And though that team sounds a little too good to be true, don't think it's the mastermind plot of some major label. Ryn responded to a commenter on a Stereogum article explaining how the collaboration was a more a matter of right time-right place, and hard work:

    "hehe that would be nice to have some major label money. Actually, i met benny at a party a year back and showed him my sound cloud… he had already been working with cashmere cat a bit… and he showed michael some of my music that I had produced and written on my own… and we all kinda just started to make some music. I'm signed to friends keep secrets… and indie. this is actually more of a passion project for them but it's my vision. I know i'm not supposed to respond to internet trolls but i was bored. xx"

    While "OctaHate" is a big debut for the 21-year-old singer, she's actually been around for a little while, going by her real name, Aryn Wüthrich.

    But before she changed her name, she appeared as "Aryn" on Cashmere Cat's "With Me" last fall.

    She also did an awesome, haunting cover of Joanna Newsom's song "Peach, Plum, Pear" last year, posting it to Soundcloud under the handle FemFemFem.

    Where you can also find two other ethereal, dreamy-sounding songs.

    Both are tagged "Fairy Pop."

    In the description of the song, she wrote: "Ya know when someone fucks up and then they ask you what you need from them? Yup. Ps: Yes, you can hear the click and my drums are subpar. Suck my tit. Enjoy. xx"

    And she's been on the grind for awhile now, strengthening her writing skills by joining writing groups online.

    She's also been in various acting projects, including starring in a musical short film called The Bright Side, which was nominated for a student Emmy.

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    And it looks like all the work has paid off, as she’s apparently signed a deal with indie label Friends Keep Secrets…

    FKS Is proud to introduce @RynWeaver - #OctaHate to the world. Enjoy

    ... and "OctaHate" has garnered over 300,00 plays in its first week and landed her on the top of Billboard's "Emerging Artists" chart, where she's currently #2.

    The hustle is real. A rep for Ryn told BuzzFeed to "stay tuned" for what's next.