Watch Wu Tang's GZA Explain The Big Bang In A Rap

    It's a preview of his upcoming album, Dark Matter, which is all about the creation of the universe, quantum physics, and the cosmos. GZAs also been working to encourage high school students to create their own science-based raps.

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    The GZA gave PBS News Hour a sneak peek of a verse off his upcoming album, Dark Matter, and its a poetic depiction of how the universe came into being:

    "Everything we see around us: the sun, the moon, the stars,
    Are millions of worlds that astound us
    The universe in size was hard to fathom.
    It was composed in a region small as a single atom,
    Less than one-trillionth the size the point of a pen,
    Microscopic but on a macro level within."

    The rapper has also been using his love of science to inspire high school students. GZA has joined forces with Columbia University professor Christopher Emdin for a program called Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S.. Students from ten New York City public schools will create science-based raps, and then participate in rap battles leading to an ultimate showdown with GZA acting as a judge for the finalists.

    Aww, GZA. We heart you.