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    Watch New Footage Of The Beatles Recording "Let It Be"

    Catch a glimpse of the Fab Four laying down "I've Got A Feeling" in 1969.

    Let It Be...Naked was first released in 2003, after years of Paul McCartney wishing to bring back the live recordings and harder-edged sound of the album as it was first recorded in 1969.

    Recording the original album was a particularly tumultuous process – by that time the band was on each others' last nerves, and found it difficult to agree on arrangements and style. Phil Spector was later brought in to produce the album after most everything had been recorded.

    The Naked release gets rid of the orchestration and production effects that Phil Spector brought to the original Let It Be album.

    Though much of the Beatles catalog is already on iTunes, last week saw the digital debut of the Naked version. To celebrate, The Beatles have created a scavenger hunt for fans, releasing never-before-seen footage of the recording sessions.

    You can now try and find the three exclusive clips from the web trailer across different websites, with your progress being logged as you go. Once you find the three clips, you'll be able to unlock the fourth and final part of the full trailer.

    BuzzFeed has one exclusive piece of the hunt right here, footage of the band recording "I've Got A Feeling."

    Click below to unlock this video and get yourself one step closer to viewing the full trailer.