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Usher Turned 35 And Is Still As Hot As Ever

Let's celebrate this fine, fine human.

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Today is an important day: It's Usher Raymond IV's 35th birthday.

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It's been a long time since the R&B icon first came onto the scene...


...and he's grown up a lot in the time since.

Thankfully his fashion sense has evolved since the '90s, while his voice, dance skills, charm, and, well, amazing looks have remained intact.

Here are just a few reasons why we think Usher is worth celebrating:

He's a mentor to the youth (for better or worse).

His smile is PERFECTION. Have you seen a more perfect smile?

He rocks glasses in court like no one else.

Oh, hello, Mr. Raymond.

Oh, hello, Mr. Raymond.

His dancing is amazing, even while in a bathrobe.

And he's not afraid to get goofy with it.

He's also willing to own up to his mistakes.

And when he gets angry, instead of throwing chairs clumsily, he deftly pushes it away with his foot.

He flaunts his body like it's no big thing.

"Why, yes, I am the perfect epitome of the human form; so what about it?"

He knows how to be vulnerable.

And lets himself be objectified for our pleasure.

And as much as he's a sex god, he's also a doting father who loves his kids.

He knows he's charming, but he's humble about it.



So, to recap:

Usher, dreamy at 16.

Hot at 19.

Sizzling at 23.

Sexxxy at 26, 30, and 32.


And STILL foxy as ever at 35.

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Happy birthday, Mr. Entertainment. May it be a wonderful one.

U still got us bad.

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