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This Couple Sang Their Vows And Win The Award For Cutest Wedding Video Ever

Vine sensation Us The Do said their vows the only way they knew how — through a gorgeous song.

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This is Us The Duo, a pair of singers who met through YouTube, started making music together, and fell in love.

Jeremy Cowart/courtesy of Us The Duo

Michael and Carissa Alvarado were living on opposite sides of the country when they stumbled across each other in 2011. They started writing together and built up a following on YouTube.

They got married a year later, but it wasn't until they started posting covers and medleys on Vine in 2013 that their music really started to take off. Using the hashtag #6secondcovers, they did renditions of popular Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson songs. After just a couple of months, they had 3.1 million Vine subscribers. Now they're re-releasing their album of original folk-pop songs, No Matter Where You Are, on Republic Records.

Their video for the album's title track, "No Matter Where You Are," was filmed at their wedding. It's debuting today on BuzzFeed:

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The song is about promising to support and stick by your partner through the unexpected twists and turns of life. The video is ten times as adorable, with Carissa and Michael performing a stripped-down version for their friends and family.

"We tend to write based on situations currently happening in our lives," the duo told BuzzFeed in an email.

The duo's past songs have explored the exciting feelings of newfound love, the trials of long distance dating, and waiting for the right person.


Once they decided to get married, their relationship "went from 'hoping it will work' to 'doing everything possible to make it work,'' they told BuzzFeed. "This is when we wrote 'No Matter Where You Are.'"

"Realizing you want to spend every waking moment of your life with someone is a pretty dramatic feeling, and the only way we knew how to express that emotion was to write it down," the Alvarados said. Those words then became their vows: "I will stand by you, even when we fall / No matter where you are, I'll be there."

"Everyone in the world is in some sort of relationship, whether it's a marriage, a friendship, or a family."

"Our hope is that this song will inspire anyone listening to be the best husband, wife, friend, mother, father, son, or daughter that they can possibly be."