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This Guy Has The Hottest Abs In Silicon Valley

Meet Tim Chang. Venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and member of three cover bands.

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So, awhile ago we discovered that Silicon Valley has some pretty amazing cover bands.

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Like the EDM cover band, Rainbow Party, whose members have worked for companies like Google, Fitmob, and Fucked Company.

But one member of Rainbow Party stood out more than the rest.

Can you guess who it was?


Here's a clue.

Introducing Tim Chang, the man in possession of the hottest torso in Silicon Valley.

Tim's a "creative guru" at Mayfield Fund, a venture capital firm, and on the board of directors of a bunch of companies.

Who could have ever guessed that underneath that crisp Oxford shirt there lay a washboard of rock-hard abs?


I mean....

Seriously tho.

Can I please look that fit when I'm 42?!?
Via Facebook: RainbowPartyLive

Can I please look that fit when I'm 42?!?

BuzzFeed has reached out to Mr. Chang regarding his gym routine and will report back shortly with his secret to flawless abdominal muscles.