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    51 Things Only Tomorrowland Lovers Understand

    Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is mystery.

    For EDM lovers, there's no better place in the world than the utopia of Tomorrowland.

    1. When you get your invite you get all tingly knowing that you've literally received the key to happiness.

    2. And that all that saving up was worth it.

    3. And when you arrive in July, you know it's time to leave all the stresses of everyday life behind.

    4. Because the next three days are about to be full of nonstop adventure and love.

    5. When you make it to the campgrounds, you can't help but jump for joy.

    6. So you set up your tent right away.

    7. Because there's a whole world out there...

    8. ...waiting for you to explore.

    9. The scale of everything is really something to behold.

    10. It's basically like you're Alice in Wonderland.

    11. You exchange your money for Tomorrowland tokens.

    12. With them you can indulge in the surprisingly amazing food all over the fest, from Belgian beef stew over fries...

    13. meatballs...

    14. ...and some ice-cold Belgian beer.

    15. If you fancy yourself something a little classy, you can even sip some champagne at the cava bar.

    16. When you need to recover from your food coma, there's no better place to plop down for a nap than right by the canal.

    17. Or a random patch of grass near a stage — whatever floats your boat.

    18. Or maybe you'd rather pass the time getting your hair braided, or making a flower crown. No problem — at Tomorrowland, everyone lends a helping hand to one another.

    19. Didn't have time to paint your face? Someone's got your back.

    20. And don't worry if you forgot sunscreen, you can always ask a resourceful raver to spritz you with some.

    21. You can also cool off by frolicking in front of a bubble machine.

    22. You'll want to capture the action on your GoPro.

    23. You're gonna see a lot of GoPros.

    Like, a LOT of them.

    24. Selfie sticks too.

    Make sure to review that camera work if you want the prefect moody/dazed shot.

    25. But sometimes it's just nice to keep it old school, you know?

    26. You rep your country's flag loud and proud.

    27. Because you know that Tomorrowland is really about bringing cultures from all over the world together, united for the love of music.

    28. It's about music and FUN, not labels or ego.

    29. This is a place to make new friends.

    30. go ahead and take a picture with that girl and your sunflower plant.

    31. And though it may seem cheesy to the outside world, you know that here everyone understands they're all in this together.

    32. The message of PLUR is literally everywhere you go.

    33. The festival grounds are so big and elaborate, you never know when you'll stumble into an amazing tucked-away stage, like the Rave Cave.

    34. Or this tent marked "Magic Mirrors."

    35. Where German DJ and producer Nico Pusch played an amazing deep house set to a full crowd on Sunday.

    (You can listen to his full set here.)

    36. But the colossal crowd at the main stage never ceases to take your breath away.

    37. And though it may seem daunting, you're amazed by how possible it is to get from the very back to the front of the massive crowd.

    38. A stranger and new friend will even let you sit on their shoulders if you want a better view.

    39. And if you don't think you can crowdsurf, think again.

    40. When you're up there, it can be overwhelming to look around and see so many people moving to one beat.

    41. You never turn down an opportunity to cover yourself in glitter.

    42. Whether you're rocking to Australian sister duo NERVO...

    43. ...losing your mind to festival highlight and wunderkind Martin Garrix...

    44. ...or getting emotional when Above & Beyond brings up a fan to push the button...

    45. There's something for everyone.

    46. Even neighbors of the festival LOVE coming every year, because they know it's something truly special to witness and be a part of.

    47. Basically, Tomorrowland is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.

    Somewhere everyone should visit before they die #tomorrowland

    48. And everyone should have the chance to be a part of the love and positivity you'll find there.

    49. Your family may have reason to worry that you'll never want to leave.

    50. But maybe next year you can bring them with you.

    51. And remember: Yesterday is history...

    ...Today is a gift...

    ...Tomorrow is mystery.