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    People Were Less Than Psyched About U2 At The Apple Event

    Where's Detox, tho?

    U2 took the stage to perform at the end of Apple's monster event announcing the new iPhones and Watch.

    They performed their new song "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” off their new album, Songs of Innocence, which they revealed they'd be giving away for free on iTunes right away.

    FIVE SECONDS from when they announced it, to be exact.

    Yes, Bono. Half a billion. Five seconds. We get it.

    (Well, more or less.)

    Torrents already do this Apple and it's been longer than five seconds.

    Wow if the Apple Watch thinks five seconds is as long as Tim Cook does, it's not gonna be a very accurate watch! #AppleLive

    And the internet was mostly kind of like..."meh?"

    "And now, here to illustrate the relentless, inexorable march of time, please welcome…U2!"

    Weird, checked the metadata on the new U2 album and “Pumpkin spice” is listed as the genre for literally every song

    Tim Cook: "What? Which is the one from Iceland?" Intern: "Björk." Cook: "This is U2. What the fuck." Intern: "Apple Maps?" Cook: "Shut up."

    Even the markets went running (downhill).

    Markets like payments and big iPhones. Watches and U2 not so much.

    Some people were really offended that U2 was "invading" their "personal space."

    U2's new album being automatically added to our iTunes library is the most disgusting invasion of personal space by technology in history

    The ultimate punishment.

    Apple punishes customers with mandatory U2 album

    Others lamented what the whole spectacle meant for the music industry.

    It's cool for U2 that they can reach so many (and get a big check from Apple), but sad it communicates to public that music should be free.

    I bet U2 made $500k for like 10 mins of work.

    Music at end of an Apple show should be ambient electro with Jony Ive saying "purity and simplicity, reduced to its essence" over and over.

    And feared for Bono's life.

    10 years ago we had Bob Hope, Steve Jobs and the U2 iPod. Now we have no hope no jobs please don't let Bono die

    This guy had a good point, though.

    U2 and Apple are a lot more similar than people realize. In both cases, you either love them or you hate them.

    It's really all just ~S~Y~N~E~R~G~Y~.

    u2 just sounds like an apple commercial now, sux 4 them

    And THEN this Illuminati shit happened.


    There's a hidden message in the free #U2 album: #AppleLive #iPhone6 #AppleWatch

    But really, the most revolutionary thing that could have happened was if they dropped Dr. Dre's Detox album.

    Hey Apple, if you wanted to make waves in music and tech. Give us a DETOX album

    Personally, I would've preferred hearing that Apple employee Dr. Dre was finally releasing "Detox", and free to all iTunes customers.

    Dr. Dre should pull a Jay Z and include Detox with every purchase of an iPhone 6

    Bring out Dr Dre and make Detox immediately available. Do it, Apple