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The 29 Essential Drizzy Drake Dance Moves

You can master his moves in no time...mostly because he really only has five of them.

1. If you're a beginner, The Shy Guy Shuffle is always a good place to start.

Don't forget to lick your lips! It is essential to elevating your two-step from that of a wallflower to that of a seductive, sensitive soul.

2. But when you're ready, it's time to get into Drake's signature moves. First up, "The Gettin' In My Zone" Shoulder Pop.

3. The "Ahh! There's a mouse!" Hop.

4. The Mariah Carey Diva Head Shake.

Make sure you hit the highest of high notes for maximum effect.

5. The Jungle Gym Ladder Climb.


*It's a Degrassi thing.

7. The Dougie (Old Folks Home edition, for more swag).

8. The Clapping The Erasers.

YEAH! School's out!

9. The Twinkletoes.

10. The Fall On Your Face.

11. The Surprise Krump Attack.

12. The Body-Roll Up On Your Grandma.

13. The Toronto Snow Swat

14. The Pogo Stick Pop.

15. The Sneaky Turtle.

16. The Lazy "Ya Feel Me?"

17. The Let Rihanna Do Her Thing, Just Stand There Drake, Don't Ruin It.

18. The Pat On The Back.

19. The Single Lady Hand Shake

20. The Closer To G-d Chair Lift.

21. The Eager Beaver Head Bob.

22. The Floyd Mayweather.

23. The "Whoa Whoa Whoa, Where Am I?"

24. The Elephant Trunk Swing.

25. The Aisle 4 Shuffle.

26. The Death By Bling.

27. The Vacation Swag Walk.

28. The Billboard Swag Walk.

29. The "Hell Yeah, I Can't Believe I'm A Rapper!"