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Future Is Reportedly Suing Drake For $1.5 Million And Now Drake Really Has A Reason To Be Sad

Drizzy kicked the Atlanta rapper off his tour after he made some negative comments about his new album in an interview. Updated.

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Page Six's source revealed that Future's managers argued with the magazine that his comments were off the record, and though the story online is now free of the incriminating quote, the writer Erika Ramirez's tweets (above) remain.

According to Page Six, that's what prompted Drake to kick Future off the tour.


Drizzy posted the photo above with the caption "Real fuckin talk" last week to Instagram, so you can guess where he stands on honoring the hand that feeds you.


Page Six's source says that the two rappers were attempting to work out their differences and negotiate, but after Drake's side tried to cut his pay, Future decided to walk. Instead, he's reportedly going to file a lawsuit this week for lost wages from the tour, totaling $1.5 million.

BuzzFeed reached out to both Drake and Future's camps for official comment, but neither has yet responded.

UPDATE: Looks like the two were able to work out their differences, as Future's reps have confirmed to BuzzFeed that he will still be going on tour with Drake. A statement will be released soon.