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The 3 Sexiest Things To Eat On Valentine's Day, According To Rick Ross

These Rozay-approved dishes will make you fall in love.

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My first time eating lemon pepper wings, actually I was at a barber shop. And a dude came in with it and I was like, 'Why your chicken wings look that color?''Aw man, that's lemon pepper!'I said, 'Damn… Sounds like a winning combination.' So I went and tried 'em. Man, I loved them so much. I always told myself I'd buy one. You know how you say, 'Yo, I'mma put one of them in my kitchen'? That's what I did.[One day,] I'mma actually gonna go in and sauce one up myself. That's number one without a doubt.
Number two... I'mma say the marbleized rib eye from Houston's. And they gotta be the Houston on Biscayne Blvd. That's down in Miami. They love me there. I'm pretty sure its everywhere but when I walk in... they know how to make it! 'There's Rozay,' and they drop it!
The sea bass... That's so soft... It's like a dream come true. (Demonstrates caressing a filet.)
Wings with the cream and all that — you know we don't do that. What else... The microwave could be fun at times, but coming straight out the gate?! We don't do that. Reheat, yeah, but feed me straight out the microwaves? Never.The reheat is a winner. It's amazing!
I'mma tell you a trick. This is ball shit. Run a little water in your hands, and just let it run over the piece of steak or your lemon pepper wings from the night before. Put that in the microwave and it'll change your life. It actually made it juicy AGAIN! Just a sprinkle, not much. You gotta just... (demonstrates sprinkling water). Muah!


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