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Rick Ross' Life In Tattoos

Rozay gives us a tour of his body, and it's a tattooed wonderland.

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Rapper Rick Ross has well over 100 tattoos that cover almost every surface of his body.

Jason Bergman/BuzzFeed

This month in New York, BuzzFeed asked the Maybach rapper to walk us through some of his most memorable and personal ink.


"Man... It's in the midst! It's in the midst...because I had to get it somewhere my shirt wouldn't really show it, you know?"

John Bergman for BuzzFeed

"I wasn't really hiding it, but I just was't loose with it, you know what I'm saying? My mom had seen it, but I just wasn't loose with it, loose with it."

His most personal tattoos, though, are the ones that honor the people he's lost.


His other tattoos include skulls (one of which is on his stomach, with his belly button standing in as the nasal cavity), "5 Star G," his nickname "Teflon Don," and "the list goes on..."


So, when you're a walking piece of art with a tattoo addiction, what happens when you run out of room on your arms and chest?

Jason Bergman for BuzzFeed

"I started on my legs now," Ross says. "I have a Darth Vader right here [on my thigh], [and] I have a Basquiat on the other thigh."

Ross says he uses tattoos as "timekeepers," or reminders that immortalize major moments in his life.

Jason Bergman for BuzzFeed

"My memory isn't the best, but when I look at a tattoo I remember where I was at that time frame in my life, so for me it's almost like a timekeeper," he said. "[All of my tattoos are of] the different things that I love, different things that I admire, different things that I will stand for, different things that I would die for, and different things that make me happy."

While he's never regretted any of his ink, he's had some botched work done where his artist "might have been on mushrooms..."

John Bergman for BuzzFeed

"I haven't really regretted any of my tattoos. There are some tattoos where my artist might have been on mushrooms," he admits, laughing. "And I've just said, 'I don't know what the fuck you were smoking, because I dozed off and you done fucked up. You owe me 20 hours, motherfucker!' But other than that, the memories is what it's about."

Rozay's advice for people nervous about getting something permanently inked on their body?

"My mind frame was always that it's all about your spirit. Can't cherish the flesh. That'd be over before we know it."

Jason Bergman for BuzzFeed

"You know what I mean? And it's all on you. You know I'mma rep. It's how I feel good."