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The Ideal Rapper For Each Phase Of Your Love Life

Now in trading cards! You’ve already dated these types — the bad boys, the sensitive souls, the one-night stands. Collect ‘em all.

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It's Valentine's Day! Whatever you relationship status or mind-set... there's a rapper out there ready to steal your heart.

If you're on the rebound and just want to have some fun:

If you just want someone who'll make you laugh:

If you want someone who will up your personal style:

If you're just looking for someone to party with:

If you're looking for someone who's as big of a homebody as you:

Maybe you're trying to find someone for your mom:

If you're looking to be wined and dined:

If you're looking for someone who feels ~all of the emotions~:

When you're looking to change the world:

And they may be taken, but if they weren't, these dashing men would be perfect if...

You're looking for someone to push you to grow:

Or want a grown man who has all of his shit together, thank you very much:

Just don't ever go here (even if you're feeling reckless):

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