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    Odd Future, Most Productive Kids Ever, Launch 24-Hour Radio Channel

    What haven't these guys done?

    Continuing their reign as the most entrepreneurial kids alive, Odd Future has launched their own 24-hour radio station.

    The commercial-free radio station can be found on Dash Radio – launched last month by DJ Skee – and on the Dash app for iPhone and Android.

    odd future radio. no commercials. no guys in enyce sweatsuits saying it doesnt sound like a "hit" .. (no hate i prob had 10 of those)

    "Most radio sucks so we’re doing it ourselves. We play and do what we want," the group says in their Dash Radio bio.

    And according to OF manager Christian Clancy, the programming will also include "Taco Tuesdays."

    taco tuesdays, domo genesis as dj bodyoil, illegal civ radio, jasper dolphin.. segments starting this weekend and live show on tues.

    Because duh.