Nicki Minaj’s New Single Proves She Can Still Do It All

And girl can sing. Her new song, “Pills N Potions” is personal and gorgeous.

1. It’s finally here: “Pills N Potions,” the new single from Nicki’s forthcoming third album, The Pink Print, dropped early this morning.

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2. The new song features a gorgeous sung hook, as well as honest and personal verses.

3. “It sounds like urgency,” Nicki said of the new song during an interview with Billboard at the Grammys. “It sounds like betrayal. It sounds like running. It sounds like fainting. It sounds like love. It sounds like — [gasp].”


On the song, Nicki raps about “a couple people” who have changed around her – “self-righteous, and entitled” people who have capitalized off her success – as well as the haters who never believed in her in the beginning: “People will love you and support you when it’s beneficial / I’mma forgive, I won’t forgive but I’mma dead the issue / Soon as you out the n****’s lifes is when they start to miss you / They see you doing good, now it’s kinda hard to diss you.”

But the hook brings it back, with Nicki singing that through it all, “I still love you.”

5. Over the last year, Nicki’s been talking a lot about moving away from her “Starships”-era pop sound and returning to her rap roots.

“I was thinking if I really wanted to, I could go back in and make another pop song like that to sell but I’m choosing not to do it,” she said in an interview with Hot 97 last year. “I’m choosing to get back to my essence and feed the core hip-hop fan. I feel like I need this because it’s just a more powerful platform for me… Even when I’m on stage performing my rap songs, it’s more organic.”

6. But on the Dr. Luke-produced single, it looks like Nicki’s found a way to bridge the gap between her tender pop side and characteristic spitfire verses.

Nicki’s singing isn’t something we’re unfamiliar with, but it’s something many had anticipated her moving away from, given the tracks and remixes she’s dropped leading up to this release. Co-written by Ester Dean, who also worked on “Super Bass,” “Pills N Potions” is a return to showing off Nicki’s gorgeous singing voice, but in a much more stripped-down, natural way – much like her new image.

“I think I kind of had to start from scratch, almost reintroduce myself, again,” Nicki said in a recent Power 106 interview. “I know people know me. I wanted to remind them of where I came from.”

8. On Twitter, Nicki revealed last week that the single was her favorite song and a deeply personal work.

U know why? Cuz it's my fave. Its so special. it's everything. It's my heart n soul.

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ)

9. And that it tells a true story.

Plus. It's a true story. The entire album is a true fucking story. It's time

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ)

Yes. Ppl change. But love is forever. > RT @ashleighhMinaj: @NICKIMINAJ is there a message you want us to take away from #PillsNPotions ?”

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ)

11. The song can’t be described as pop or rap – it’s just Nicki.

A new genre called Onika > RT @Minajoliement: “@MarioLovesOnika: @nickiminaj which genre is it? hip-hop, pop or both?””

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ)

Brand new sound tbh... > RT Michael_Maraj: @NICKIMINAJ Would you say it's more of M4L/RTM-esque? #PillsNPotions”

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ)

13. Welcome back, Nicki. We’re here for this Version 3.0.


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