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Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" Video Seems Really, Really Familiar

It's basically the Rich Kids of Instagram version of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" video.

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"We Can't Stop," Miley's first video in three years, has caused quite a stir since it came out last week. It's your standard house party video with lots of crazy, weird antics. But it's seems REALLY familiar.

It's baaasically a rich kid version of "Just Dance."

All right, so a house party doesn't start until someone presses "Play." That makes sense. No boombox nonsense for Miley, though.

And they gotta get their lips looking right. Sure.

Oh, and they can't forget their stunna shades. And...overalls? Hmm...

They both get cozy with their BFF.

And do...whatever this is.

What's a party without a furry costume? Because they're party animals, get it? (Except Miley's friends were rich enough to buy the whole bear.)

Gaga gets down and dirty with a killer whale blow-up toy in a kiddie pool, while Miley gets intimate with a doll.

Note that Miley's pad has a huge real pool.

Gaga's house party has a stationary bike...and so does Miley's.

What, you don't hit the bike during parties?

There's some floating action...

And dancing action...

...and there's some token black dancer friends when they need someone who can actually dance.

Gaga sticks her tongue out...and so does Miley.

Just, no. are NOT just being Miley right now.

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