Michelle Branch’s Music Still Totally Holds Up

“Goodbyeeee to yooooUUuuuu.”

1. We all remember Michelle Branch.

She was the pop-rock singer-songwriter princess who won our hearts in the early aughts. Her first two albums — 2001’s The Spirit Room and 2003’s Hotel Paper — were massively successful and made being a female singer-songwriter cool again. And in doing so, she inspired a new generation of female singers, like Taylor Swift, to voice their opinions and channel their angst into confessional songs that resonated deeply with people of any age.

2. (BTW, this is not Michelle Branch. It’s Vanessa Carlton, who was also a rock-pop princess in the early ’00s.

Scott Gries / Getty

3. We don’t blame you if you’ve always mixed them up, because they do look alike and shared an affinity for fedora-inspired bucket hats.)

George De Sota / Getty

4. ANYWAY, this is Michelle — in 2002 on the left, and 2012 on the right.

Lawrence Lucier / Getty

Jason Merritt / Getty



5. These days, the self-described “recovering former teen pop star” is active on Twitter:

Is it weird that @TheCoffeeBean just started following me and it made me squeal like a little girl?

— Michelle Branch (@michellebranch)

This makes me embarrassed to be from Arizona. #Equality

— Michelle Branch (@michellebranch)

8. And on Instagram, where she posts photos of her adorable daughter, Owen.

9. And super chic selfies.

10. Offline, she’s still writing and making new music, that will hopefully be released soon!

Wrote a killer tune with @killRossomando today. Dude, L.A. is happy to have you :)

— Michelle Branch (@michellebranch)

11. In the meantime, we love her for the wealth of timeless music she’s already given us.

Such a baby in 2001!

12. It ALL still holds up.

13. Her hit debut single “Everywhere” taught us about the all-encompassing nature of crushes.

14. And those opening guitar notes still give us chills.

15. 2001’s “All You Wanted” still perfectly captures what it’s like to reach out to someone you love who can’t seem to hear you.

16. And how you’d drop anything to help them out, if only they let you.

18. “Are You Happy Now” is not only one of the most satisfying and crowd-pleasing songs to sing at karaoke…

19. …it’s also a lasting breakup anthem, on par with Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.”

21. Michelle taught us to say goodbye to unhealthy love.

22. And gave us “Goodbye To You,” a tale of letting go that’s so cathartic.

24. Remember: sooner or later, the one who left WILL realize just what they’ve lost.


Video available at:

26. “Breathe” pointed out that, even when life is shitting all over you, all you need to do is take a deep breath.

27. And embrace the chaos.

28. And when you least expect it, if your heart is open, maybe you’ll find someone who really “gets” you.

30. Because to love someone you’ve got to let yourself be a little vulnerable.

32. Just stay open and ride the ups and downs. It’s all in the game of love.

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