Michael Cera Put Out A Surprise Album And It’s Pretty Charming

Oh, George Michael. We always knew you were a sensitive soul.

1. Michael Cera has always seemed into music.




2. And he’s been teasing us with his skills ever since his adorable Juno days.

Previously he toured with band Mister Heavenly, filling in whenever they needed a bassist, and was in a band called The Long Goodbye with his Clark and Michael co-star Clark Duke.

3. Now he’s finally put out his own official (-ish?) solo debut. On August 8th, he dropped a surprise 18-track album called True That.

4. Listen to the album in its entirety below:

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5. The album started attracting attention a couple days after its release, when Jonah Hill tweeted about it yesterday.

6. Cera’s music is mostly instrumental, kind of folky, and definitely twee. The songs even feature toy instruments.

I mean, on “Humdrummin” one of the running sound effects is the sound of someone blowing their lips (which is called a “lip trill,” apparently).

7. So when he wasn’t getting the crap slapped out of him by Rihanna…

8. He was hard at work dreamy jams that will make your life feel cuter.

9. What a charmer.

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