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    Mary J. Blige's New Song With Disclosure Is A Sexy Kiss-Off

    The queen of "no more drama" continues her legacy.

    Mary J. Blige has been getting pretty cozy with the Brits as of late.

    Her new song, a sleek kiss-off anthem called "Right Now," is produced by Disclosure, whose minimal production perfectly showcases her soulful vocals.

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    The song is from her upcoming album, The London Sessions, which she recorded earlier this summer, working with Disclosure to channel some of the U.K.'s house sound.

    We have been writing/producing some songs on @maryjblige 's forthcoming record with @jimmynapes and @samsmithworld

    The album will also feature a "doo-wop" collaboration with Sam Smith, after recently hopping on his song, "Stay With Me."

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    "The music is free over here the way it used to be in the States," Blige said of the U.K. music scene in an interview with The Observer.