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    Disney Put Out An EDM Version Of "Let It Go" And It's Pretty Damn Good

    Frozen's monster track gets the trance-music treatment courtesy of Armin van Buuren. The video for the track is debuting today on BuzzFeed.

    Disney is getting in on the EDM trend, tapping Armin van Buuren to remix Frozen's signature song, "Let It Go" — and the result is pretty damn awesome.

    Carli Hermès/Armin Van Buuren promo photo

    The remix is part of an album of classic and popular Disney songs remixed by some of EDM's top DJs and producers.


    The album, called DConstructed, was released on April 22, and is a 14-track collection featuring remixes from some of EDM's biggest names, including Avicii, Kaskade, and Trion, in addition to van Buuren. Songs from The Lion King, TRON: Legacy, Monsters University, The Muppets, and Sleeping Beauty are just a few of the films that get the dance music treatment.

    And the video, which is premiering on BuzzFeed today, is just as epic.

    Van Buuren transforms "Let It Go" into a dark, thumping, bass-heavy number, and he isolates Idina Menzel's vocals for a haunting effect.

    Walt Disney Records

    "I feel incredibly honored to have remixed an Oscar-winning song — though I didn't know that yet when I started," the Dutch producer and DJ said of the project.

    Of course, any Armin video is going to need a spectacular, rave-ready light show.

    Walt Disney Records

    It actually kind of makes sense that Disney would know how to create insane EDM-friendly visuals. I mean, they did make Fantasia and have some of the best light shows in the world.

    And shooting stars that blast into snow-covered mountains and explode into a brilliant snowflake design.

    Walt Disney Records

    Brrrrr. This one's a banger, folks.

    Walt Disney Records