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    Lady Gaga Outdoes Herself In Her New Predictably Insane Music Video

    Gaga goes from a fallen angel to hanging with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at Hearst Castle. Because of course.

    Lady Gaga's new video for "G.U.Y." is a nearly 8-minute EPIC "film" that's reliably full of WTF moments.

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    She premiered the video on Saturday night's Dateline on NBC, before releasing it online. The video, whose title stands for "Girl Under You," also features a prelude of snippets from "Artpop" and "Venus."

    Like Lady Gaga awaking as a fallen angel on Earth at the start of the video.

    And this call to the gods.

    Which Bravo's Andy Cohen answered.

    And this Miley moment.

    And when Kim Richards played the guitar while a human grape looked on.

    And when Gaga and the Housewives did this badass strut through an office.

    Just all of it, really.

    The Queen of pop art is back, bitches.