Kelly Rowland Gets Down And Dirty In The Most Adorable Way

She likes her “kisses down low,” if you catch her drift.

1. It’s been awhile since Kelly’s had a major solo hit, but “Kisses Down Low” could be the one.

It has all the elements of a super-successful R&B jam: production made for body-rolling (thanks to the unstoppable Mike WiLL Made It), a catchy hook, and some delightful innuendo.

2. In the video for”Motivation,” her last smash with Lil Wayne, Kelly was baring it all.

3. Like…really getting down.

And it was hot! It was awesome to see Kelly owning her sexuality!

4. Now, she’s bringing sexy back in a more subtle way, singing about certain *ahem* below-the-belt pleasures.

“I like my kisses down low…”

“Makes me arch my back…”

“When you give it to me slow…”

“Baby, just like that.”

8. It’s a smoldering song, sure, but the best thing about it is how much FUN it looks like Kelly is having.

9. And, yeah, the video seems a little bit familiar…

10. Okay, maybe very familiar.

12. But if anyone’s allowed to borrow from Beyoncé, it’s her best friend.

13. Plus, she even brings back her signature short bob from her DC3 days.

And that is always a good thing.

14. It doesn’t seem possible that singing about oral sex could actually come off as adorable and sweet, but Kelly pulls it off.

15. In this video, we see Kelly having the most fun she’s had since Destiny’s Child.

There are bright colors, different characters to play with, mugging for the camera, and shimmying.

17. She looks so comfortable and happy in her skin, we just can’t help but be so happy for her.

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