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    Behind Kanye West's Secret Social Media Video Shoot

    A cryptic email was sent out to members of the Brooklyn library, encouraging them to show up for the filming of a potential music video about social media.

    This email was sent out last Thursday from the Mellow Pages Library to its members:

    Around 40 people showed up around dusk to hang out inside the small 200-square-foot library (located inside an industrial building) and in the hallway, sipping beers while they crossed their fingers hoping Kanye would arrive.

    Some said that it was possible that while everyone thought they were waiting for filming to start, the shoot was actually already in progress.

    The crowd had gathered for almost two hours before Jacob Perkins, one of the library co-founders, said that they'd gotten a call from the producer who said they wanted people to take videos and upload them to Twitter using the hashtag "#MellowYeezus."

    The Mellow Pages co-founder said the producer who had called them was Susie Arons, who, interestingly enough, was Kanye's former media trainer who quit after just a week on the job, during his Today show debacle three years ago.

    Here are some of the photos that have shown up with the #MellowYeezus tag so far:

    Some people took selfies.

    Some took pictures of the gathering.

    It was really hot and cramped in the small library.

    While passing the time, friends of the library browsed their collection...

    ...and speculated about what the video was all about.

    It was unclear what people were supposed to really be filming (and most people were taking photos, anyway). Pictures of themselves? Pictures of the books?

    Some people were mad that Kanye didn't show up.

    Others were just amused.