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Justin Bieber And R. Kelly Teamed Up On A New Song And No, You're Not Dreaming

It's called "PYD" and it's all about, um, getting busy. Naturally.

When both Justin Bieber and R. Kelly posted this picture of the two just hanging out on Instagram 10 months ago, the internet nearly lost its mind.

Would they be making sweet, sweet music together??

The answer is YES:

It's called "PYD" and it's a pretty sensual, body roll-inducing R&B number.

"PYD" is the seventh song in Biebz's #MusicMondays series, and it's continuing the young pop star's transition into full-fledged R&B.

You can listen to the rest of the tracks in the series here.

Now all we need is for Justin to star in the next installment of "Trapped In The Closet" and life will be complete.