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Here Is Lady Gaga's Official Version Of "Applause"

After her new single leaked last weekend, the pop star officially released the song to radio today following a surprise announcement on Twitter. She declared it a "pop emergency."


Here's the official version of "Applause" that appeared just moments ago on Kiss 108 FM.


After an unexpected leak of a low-quality version of her new single this past weekend, Lady Gaga took to Twitter today to declare a "POP MUSIC EMERGENCY."

Mother Monster announced that she'd be dropping the song on radio 15 minutes later, a week ahead of schedule.

And that's just what she did.

Gaga doesn’t want you listening to low-quality versions of her songs!

She even wants you to have legit art to go along with it! Here it is!

Word to the hackers and the haters: Don't mess with the Queen.