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Gotye, Aaliyah, Kimbra And Timbaland Have A Glorious Musical Foursome

On a mashup called "Are You That Somebody That I Used To Know?" Naturally.

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DJ/producer Mad Mix Mustang created this amazing mashup of two hits from Gotye and the late Aaliyah.

Last summer, Mad Mix took Aaliyah's 1998 hit song, "Are You That Somebody," and blended it with Gotye's 2012 smash "Somebody That I Used To Know" to create the perfect example of what a truly terrific mashup should be.

They're two extremely different songs, but the result is an entirely seamless mix. And if you hadn't heard either song before, you could very well think this was the way the song was supposed to be. From the way Gotye and Kimbra seem to be interacting with both Aaliyah and Timbaland and responding to their lyrics, to the way Gotye's kind of creepy vocals are perfect match for Timbaland's equally sinister beats, to the way the quirks in each song's production complements the other—it's all completely awesome.

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