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Future Remixes Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" And It Is Great But WHERE IS CIARA??

Where is she? Tell me, Future. We must remedy this immediately.

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And it is near-perfect.

Future brings his trademark raspy drawl to the song, making for a perfectly convincing depiction of what it's like to have had one drink too many, waxing poetic about just how in loooOOOoooove you are.


Not that it's surprising because this is the same man who gave us the modern classic love song that is "Turn On The Lights."

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Bey and Jay may be America's First Couple, but CiBandz is by no means any less amazing!

You've robbed us of the opportunity to see this kind of badass love proclaimed in such a beautiful way.

I'm dying at how adorable this picture is and crying because Ciara is not on this amazing song.

Now, you go fix this, Future.