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Drake Was Immensely Adorable And Awkward On "Ellen"

They played a lil' game called, "Who Has Drake Dated?" You can guess how delightfully awkward that was.

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And, of course, Drake knew what was coming, and he looked appropriately mortified in the most adorable way.

“I’m going to show you some pictures and you can say, 'Dated her, dating her now, I’ve kissed her once, or you just held her hand,'" Ellen said.

Yep, the first one was Rihanna.

After squirming, Drizzy finally 'fessed up and admitted: "[She's] a great girl. We had our moment and I’ll always support and have love for her.”

And then he got all cute after Ellen called him out for being nervous and started rambling.

"I heard myself saying something else and I know I'm gonna watch it back and be like, 'That's not what I thought I said.'"


"In any regard," he added. "Which is an ironic thing to say in that situation."

Wait, what does that mean?!?! Drake, are you and RiRi having a "do-over" in your relationship?!?!

Look at how cute Nervous Drizzy is!

He was looking for his management because he wanted to give them a talk after the show for not prepping him for this little game. Tsk tsk, management. Bad for you, good for us.

Drake: "What's going on here?"

You're being incredibly cute, that's what.


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