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The 19 Best Moments Of Drake's "SNL"

Hey, Justin Timberlake... looks like you've got some competition.

Drake pulled double duty on SNL this week for the first time ever.

Basically, he gave J.T. a run for his money.

1. Like when he appeared in the cold open as a pitch-perfect A-Rod.

2. When he got re-re-bar mitzvahed and it was basically everything we ever wanted.

3. I mean, his rap included these lyrics: "Chillin' in Boca Raton with my mensch, Lenny Kravitz / The only purple drink we drink is purple Manischewitz!"

(Really though, you need to watch the whole thing.)

4. When he played Lil Wayne playing Steve Urkel and it was pure genius.

5. Even though we'll never think of "Did I do thaaaaat?" the same way again.

6. When he perfectly emulated Jay Z's signature chuckle.


Who wears short shorts? Drizzy Drake, of course. While doing a Legends of the Hidden Temple-meets-Disney World sketch. It. was. everything.

8. When he did the cutest dad dance ever and rocked a grandpa sweater, glasses, and 'stache like no one else.

9. When we fantasized about starting every morning greeted by his sweet face.

10. Even when it looks like this:

11. When he gave a very Kanye-esque minimalist performance of "Started From The Bottom" and "Trophies."

12. When he transformed into weed advocate Katt Williams...

13. Between the hair flipping and his spot-on voice work, we were assured that Drake hadn't lost his touch since the Degrassi days.

14. When he got us all hot and bothered playing a rather — *ahem* — forward bad boy student.

And he totally pulled off the nose ring.


16. When he serenaded America with an amazing piano-backed version of "Hold On We're Going Home."

17. And then it transformed into "From Time" with Jhené Aiko.

18. And we all wondered what was really going between these two.

19. And when he pulled the Drake-iest move of the night after all was said and done...

... when he went in for the hug with Jhené... and missed.

You did good, bb.

Watch your back, JT. Drizzy can do it all, too.