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    Britney Spears' Attitude Toward Being Single Again Is Everything

    Britney announced her split from boyfriend David Lucado in the best way possible. And we can all learn a little something from her.

    According to TMZ, Britney and her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half are over.

    TMZ reports that a video of Lucado dancing with and kissing another woman had surfaced and was being shopped around until Britney's dad Jamie Spears bought the video to keep it from getting out. According to TMZ's sources, after Britney saw the video, she swiftly put an end to the relationship.

    Because Brit doesn't have time for any of that drama.


    And THEN she confirmed the split in the best way possible, AND gave us all an invaluable lesson in how to move on.


    Step one: Embrace your newfound freedom.


    Step two: Find someone with hearts on their shoes.

    Thanks for reminding us to always *werk*, Brit.