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9 Things We're Pretty Sure Justin Bieber Is Going To Do Next

It's just a matter of asking "WWJD?" That's J for Justin. Justin Timberlake.

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Justin Bieber and mastermind manager Scooter Braun have been taking cues from the older, more experienced Justin throughout the Biebz’ career. While Usher may have won the bid to mentor the young heartthrob, Braun and the rest of the Bieber team have made sure that the soulful youngster carefully treads the path paved by the former ‘N Sync superstar.

Bieber’s already begun the "transition" period, cutting off his hair just in time to debut a more mature sound, just as his predecessor shed his golden ramen noodle coif for a sleeker look to match the sexier sound of Justified. Now it appears Bieber is enduring his first heartbreak with girlfriend of two years Selena Gomez, recalling the devastation of 2002’s Justin and Britney breakup.

Seems like Operation Justin Timberlake 2.0 is right on track. What’s next for the Biebz?

1. Release 2012 Version of “Cry Me a River.” “Tweet Me a River,” perhaps?

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It's not the first time Bieber has covered Timberlake's brilliant kiss-off to Britney, but "Cry Me a River" now takes on a whole new meaning for the young star. This acoustic rendition Justin performed in Boston on Friday is an okay placeholder for now (no one can touch JT on this), but the Biebz will have to come forward with his own version of a killer breakup anthem soon.

2. Post-breakup, enter #dark period, show off abs in moody black and white photos. Bieber posted this shirtless photo to his Instagram account just days following his breakup with Selena.


“People compartmentalize things. Kobe needs to be like Jordan. Justin Bieber needs to be like Justin Timberlake. You want to dictate to the public who you want them to compare you to,” Braun told The New Yorker in September.

3. Release a “grown ‘n sexy” album. Retire Shawty Mane (for now).

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"I'm trying to create a new sound that people aren't really used to hearing, so it might sound weird at first, but it's going to be like when Justin Timberlake did FutureSex/LoveSounds: It was a new sound...acoustic guitar over hard drums," Bieber told MTV last year. "I want to find something that's going to suit me and my fans are going to love and older people will like and younger people will like.”

4. Team up with the hottest producers in the game.


Timberlake had Timbaland and the Neptunes to thank for his grown man sound. As for J.B.—“We can’t just throw him into the adult game right away. It has to be the proper transition,” Justin’s longtime vocal producer Kuk Harrell told MTV last spring. “There’s a record in between.” Believe is that in-between album, with the singer dipping his toe into dubstep. We’ll just get our subwoofers ready now for the inevitable Skrillex collab.

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