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    27 Reasons Mariah Is The Realest Diva Of All Time

    She's still got it.

    Mariah Carey's new album, Me. I am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse, is FINALLY here and it's better than we could've ever imagined.

    Def Jam

    It's been a long road to Mariah's 14th studio album. She became a mother to twins with her husband Nick Cannon. She signed to a new label. Nick suffered health issues. Last summer, she herself suffered a serious injury, breaking her wrist and ribs. And after delay after delay, it became unclear when and what exactly we'd be getting in terms of a new Mariah album.

    But the wait was worth it.


    On her new album, Mariah sounds stronger, more comfortable, and fresher than she has in over a decade. On tracks like album opener "Cry" (a gorgeous, piano-driven ballad) and the gospel choir-backed "Camouflage," she lets her voice soar higher and with more power than she's let us hear her past few albums.

    "#Beautiful" featuring Miguel was last year's perfect breezy summer anthem...

    Def Jam

    (Sorry "Blurred Lines.")

    ... and she continues the joyful, carefree feels on "You Don't Know What To Do" featuring Wale.

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    The whole album's a feel-great listen, really.

    So, haters be gone, here's why Mariah is still the realest diva in the game:

    Def Jam

    1. Like any real diva, she knows her angles.

    2. And Mimi's always been changing up her look – from rocking her curls in the early 90s...

    3. ... to sleek locks and smoky eyes in the "Breakdown" video.

    4. No one else could look this sexy in the rain – the literal glistening epitome of perfection.

    5. And only MC could make a cast for a broken wrist look this fabulous.

    Laura Cavanaugh / Getty
    Laura Cavanaugh / Getty
    Jamie McCarthy / Getty

    That fur! Those feathers! Those studs!

    6. She's the Queen of Classy, Subtle Shade.

    7. And she doesn't hide her emotions.

    8. Mariah knows that just because it doesn't look like you're working hard, doesn't mean you aren't.

    9. From amazing highs to inexplicable surprises...


    The ultimate truth is, she just DGAF.

    10. And as a real diva, she has no reservations in sharing when she feels sexy and good about herself.

    11. And it's great, because she inspires us to love ourselves, too.

    12. She can kick it casual, in cutoff jorts and Converse...


    13. And also totally love and embrace her glam side.

    14. Everyone should channel their inner Mariah the next time they take a photo.

    15. Mariah keeps things real with her fans, giving them glimpses of some of her sweetest family moments...

    16. And some private ones, too.

    17. It makes us so happy to see her so in love.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty

    18. And she teaches us that being in love also means responsibility – being there in good times and bad.

    19. She only hangs with the best company. Like Stevie Wonder.

    20. And Whitney.

    May she rest in peace. <3

    21. Even though media liked to pit her against her fellow divas, she always showed that it was all love between them.


    22. She loves giving her background dancers their shine.

    In quite possibly the best music video of all time, "Dreamlover."

    Oh, haiiiii.

    23. You understand the cultural importance of this moment in the "Honey" video and it taught you about leaving toxic relationships.


    24. And this is all before even talking about her FIVE OCTAVE VOCAL RANGE.

    Via Mark Davis / Getty

    25. So, to recap: She's playful.

    26. Confident.

    27. A talent and force to be reckoned with.