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Sep 9, 2013

26 Reasons The Opening Ceremony Fashion Show Was The Most Epic Shitshow Ever

Sorry you missed it.

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1. There were over 1,000 people there, giving it a noticeable air of "shitshow" and "clusterfuck."

2. VIPs like Rihanna, Miguel, and Rashida Jones hammed it up for the cameras before the show got going.

Aylin Zafar

(That's Rihanna's BFF, Melissa Forde, in case you were wondering who was lucky enough to have her sit on their lap.)

3. The show led off with an epic entrance that rivaled the excitement of being at a monster truck rally.

The cars — which included Jaguars, Range Rovers, and Bentleys — were practically gleaming underneath the lights.

Aylin Zafar

4. The models worked the huge perimeter of the warehouse in an authoritative fashion.

5. The pack of male models emerging near the end of the show was a total surprise.

6. Justin Bieber really enjoyed the musical selection, and could hardly contain himself.

7. The collection comprised pieces you might even envision yourself wearing.

Mark Von Holden / Getty

Neoprene suspenders? YES, PLEASE.

8. The nail game was on point. It's all in the details, people.

Aylin Zafar

9. At the end of the show, the models were left standing, so people felt free to strike up conversations with them, tickle them, engage in staring contests with them.

No one was going to win this staring contest.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

10. It was also a good chance to just, you know, take photos of the outfits you liked.

Aylin Zafar

11. Baz Luhrmann, Rashida Jones, and Jason Schwartzman cozied up to the OC designers, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, after the show.

12. Knicks player J.R. Smith (who was recently suspended for five games for violating the NBA's anti-drug policy) was also in attendance.

13. As were the ATL Twins.

Noam Galai / Getty

Spring/Summer Breakers 2014.

14. Miguel confided in BuzzFeed that he'd be perfectly happy if the male kilt trend would disappear forever.

But what about when Kanye worked the kilt?

"You know, certain people can rock it, but I'm not one of those people."

Luckily for him, OC's Spring/Summer 2014 collection did not feature any kilts.

15. You knew your worth by the size of your gift bag.

16. The VIP attendees received cronuts in their gift bags.

I am forever grateful to Opening Ceremony. I have finally tried a cronut! A real one! Check your gift bags

Tommy Ton


I am forever grateful to Opening Ceremony. I have finally tried a cronut! A real one! Check your gift bags

/ Via

17. Other guests could collect freebies at the after-party, like this Fleshlight.

18. Justin Bieber showed his genuine, sincere side.

Aylin Zafar

After the show, he rushed up to Leon and Kim and gushed about how much he loved the show. He was alone and completely unencumbered by bodyguards or posse.


I met Justin Bieber tonight and he was actually awesome.

Davey Barrett


I met Justin Bieber tonight and he was actually awesome.

/ Via

19. While some archetypal snooty fashion industry insiders were in attendance, they were muted by the freaks and the mall goths.

20. The bartenders were polite, hot, and efficient.

Noam Galai / Getty
Noam Galai / Getty

Seriously, when was the last time you were at a fashion party with an open bar where you waited less than a minute to get your drink? There were NO LINES, because the geniuses who planned this thing lined the space with 10 different spots to get your free Svedka.

21. There were even dance circles, just like in high school! They played all the jams.

22. Rihanna confirmed everyone's suspicions that she is, indeed, just a normal-ass person.

My mom with @rihanna at @openingceremony. Ok. The caption was "Love her personality!!!! !"



My mom with @rihanna at @openingceremony. Ok. The caption was "Love her personality!!!! !"

/ Via

She got a little saucy with Humberto.

She proved that the kissy face is far superior to the duck face.

She vacillated between fierce...

...and bored.

She enjoyed the beautiful weather outside by the river...

...and shared some laughs and snuggles with her bestie.

Vivien Killilea / Getty

She took photos of the pop-up shop for her Rihanna for River Island collection.

She passed judgement on passersby, arms akimbo.

And took photos with every fan who asked.

23. This hypnotic Instagram video gives you an idea of just how ACCESSIBLE everyone was.

24. The view from the pier made for a stunning night, as we were left to stare out into the vast water and ponder the meaningful experience we were having.

Fashion is life, y'all.

25. Humberto Leon's mother, Wendy, was the cutest proud Asian mother of all time.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so proud," Leon told BuzzFeed about her son's success. Leon says Humberto showed creative promise early in life: "He was always interested in cooking, sewing," she said.

Leon said that she and her son both learn from each other. "Of course, the kid always learns from the mother, but right now I have a lot learn from him."

Humberto, who showed up to make sure his mother wasn't saying anything embarrassing (she wasn't), added that he learned all his most important fashion lessons from her. "She was always about matching. She was always like, you can't not match your shoes and your belt — a lot of rules. Clashing colors, she was all about clashing colors."

"I have to tell you the truth — he's the best," Leon said. She was beaming and effusive and so clearly happy for him.

So basically they are the most adorable, wonderful mother-son pair ever.

26. Leon and Lim may have been shy while taking their final bow, but Leon's mother is right: They have a lot to be proud of.